That has nothing to do with a wii u pro controller

Here in part 2 – The Wii U Pro controller

Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller - Black

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  • TAG : And the Wii U Pro controller has no analog triggers :'(
  • Apparently the oh, so manly Xbox One controller is worse than the Wii U pro controller despite the wasted 2 billion dollar investment. The Xbox One controller is worse than the 360 controller whether or not they slapped the obvious “Nintendo” D-pad on it. Seriously everyone knows it sucks. Don’t deny the obvious truth that is burning in front of your very eyes.

    Supporting 1-4 players, you’ll be able to delve solo with the Wii U GamePad, or additionally connect up to 3 Wii U Pro Controllers and/or Wii Classic Controllers to plunder and loot with your friends with local shared-screen couch co-op. You’ll be able to track your greatest efforts with a local high score board, and there’s plenty of achievements to strive for.

    • 4 players maximum sharing the same screen.
    • Requires 1 Wii U GamePad.
    • Supports up to 3 Wii U Pro Controllers and/or Wii Classic Controllers.

    The folks at Nintendo have revealed a brand new iteration of their Wii U gaming console this week complete with a brand new Wii U Pro Controller right in the box. This release will also include the game ZombiU by Ubisoft and will include a lovely book of ZombiU artwork and commentary from the developers who created it. This release will be popping in with a 32GB hard drive and a charging cradle for the GamePad controller as well.

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    Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata revealed the new controller, that is in a similar style to Microsofts Xbox’s 360 controller. Unfortunately no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet for the Wii U Pro controller, but as soon as information comes to light we will keep you updated as always.

Yay! You're now following wii u pro controller in your .

This means although it looks just like a Wii U Pro controller, you cannot use the Controller Pro U for Darksiders II or any other game that exclusively uses Nintendo’s official pad. You of course can use it for Wii U games that support the Wii classic controller, like Chasing Aurora, but these games are few and far between.