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Introducing the New Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller for XBox 360

Xbox 360 Rock Band Wireless Guitar

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  • Today, Logitech introduced a brand new marvelous gadget for one of the most popular games on Xbox 360, Guitar Hero World Tour. The all new Wireless Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 has a maximum operating range of an astounding 30 feet and will enable players to create their own riffs and guitar compositions, save them and share them with friends and family.

    Logitech’s Wireless Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 will be available in the United States of America for $199.99. The European price for this extraordinary gaming accessory hasn’t been revealed yet. However, it is slated to be released in August this year.

  • As of now, Logitech hasn’t announced any plans of bringing the Wireless Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 to India. However, with the ever increasing hard-core gaming culture in the sub-continent, it is my belief that it wouldn’t be long before this beauty is available for Indian customers as well.

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  • The Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 resembles a real Guitar in many aspects as it features a wood neck, metal frets and a rosewood fingerboard. It includes a nearly silent Strum Bar and fret buttons which would no longer distract the user from the music.

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Logitech has released their Wireless Guitar Controller for the Xbox 360 that is one of the more authentic Guitar Hero controllers to date. After all, this was specially licensed for Guitar Hero use and is made from authentic materials such as a wood neck, a rosewood fingerboard and metal frets, offering gamers a chance to unleash their inner rock star in the living room with aplomb. Since it was also licensed for Xbox 360, setup is a cinch.