12 ft. x 19 ft. 6 in. Mesh All Purpose/Weather Resistant Tarp

=Fiat X19 1978

Kenda (7010019) 70/100x19 Tuff Tube (TR-4)

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  • You generaly have two routes you can go. You can either use the original X19 engine which can give up to 140-150 hp or you can opt for the Turbo route by using a Fiat Uno Turbo engine, power can easily be increase to 150hp and up to 190hp. Dependant on the availability of the Uno Turbo in your country the cost can vary, but generally the fitting of the Uno engine is cheaper than a fully worked X19 engine to obtain the same power results. The following modifications are split up by budget.

    Turbo transplant
    Take one Uno Turbo engine, substitute the cam carrier from the X19 engine and modify the gearbox to accept the flywheel sensor for the uno turbo ignition. Fabricate piping for the intercooler and mount near the side are scoop. Install the wiring loom for the ignition and fuel ECU which are plug in and play only requiring power and an earth. It's that easy to do it the only problem comes with the temptation to raise the boost.

  • Most Viewed brand Fiat X19 Bertone Five Speed will remain for centuries. We invite you to see we found 6 photographs of this model. Fiat X19 Bertone Five Speed is one of the best producers.


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    Bright White Bond CAD Paper 24 lb13x191000164B-1319$167.50

    Most Viewed brand Fiat X 19 will remain for centuries. We invite you to see we found 6 photographs of this model. Fiat X 19 is one of the best producers.

FDS089 - 4 X 19 TIRE - Steiner Tractor Parts, Inc.

The NDS Standard Series 14 in. x 19 in. valve boxes and covers are injection molded of structural foam polyolefin material with a melt index between 10 - 12. Coloring and UV stabilizers are added, along with processing lubricants when needed. The 14 in. x 19 in. body shall be tapered and have a minimum wall thickness of 0.200 in. The body shall have a double wall at the top cover seat area with a minimum thickness of 0.250 in. The cover seat area shall have 16 structural support ribs on the underside of the seat, each with a minimum thickness of 0.250 in. The bottom of the body shall have a 0.500 in. flange. The 12 in. x 20 in. cover shall have an average thickness of .250 in.