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Just ahead of the Xbox One S console launch, Microsoft has slashed the original Xbox One price to $249USD in the U.S. for a limited time.

Microsoft Xbox One 500 GB Console - Black

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  • We can tell you that the console has been cut in the UK by £30. It means that the new Xbox One price as of February 28 will be £399 and there is a further treat in store for everyone too.

    We have some surprising news to bring you now, as Microsoft has just confirmed within the hour that an Xbox One price cut in UK is going live soon. It won’t be a massive Xbox One price drop truth be told, but it does appear to be perfect timing for those thinking of buying a console just for the incoming Titanfall release date.

  • It sounds like a fantastic offer for those that patiently waited for an Xbox One price drop in UK to happen, but at the same time questions are likely to be asked.

    What is the best Xbox One S price in the UK that you have seen in-store, or online? Tell us in the discussion section below and let’s get gamers the best deal.

    Microsoft Xbox One Price in India on 16 Aug 2016

  • If you are looking to buy the brand new Xbox One S in the UK, you are probably wondering what is the best Xbox One S price online at Tesco, Amazon, Smyths, ASDA and other popular destinations.

Microsoft slashes Xbox One price to $249 in U.S. - Techaeris

The Xbox One price aside, it really isn’t worth it to trade in a machine that works for one you can’t be sure of. Before offering us a discount to trade in our PS3, Microsoft should make sure their console is actually an improvement, not just a prototype rushed out as a failed attempt to compete with Sony.