The best 1 year food storage supply found anywhere!

My Patriot Supply has set the industry standard for delicious tasting and nutritious survival food

Food For Health Vegetarian Emergency Food Supply 275 Servings Up to a 20 Year Shelf Life Weather Proof Bucket

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  • The best 1 year food storage supply found anywhere! Great tasting food storage and gourmet meals that are seasoned, mixed and vitamin fortified. Deseret Food Store buys so many 1 year food storage supplies we pass the savings on to you.

    Let us help you select the right one year food storage supply solution. There are many alternatives to choose from and the price range is vast. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting your long term food storage supply, including your budget, geographic location, the number of people you want to protect, calorie needs of each of those people (now and into the future), your personal food preferences, nutritional needs, and of course any special dietary needs, such as vegetarian, gluten free, or allergies.

1 Year Food Supply - The Storage Room