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Thanks, Mel! I am so happy the tutorial helped. I hope you have fun making your banners!

NPW-USA BBW7541 Make-Your-Own Decoration Banner Kit

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  • Several of the vinyl banners sold by Shindigz combine original designs with personalized texts and pictures. If you plan to host a , you can create your banner by choosing a template banner with images traditionally associated with bachelorette parties. Then, add text and a picture of the bachelorette to the banner. You can do similar things with other templates for religious holidays, birthdays, engagements, sports games, and other events. When you buy from Shindigz, you get the option to purchase a truly original design that's perfect for your event.

    LOL, Amber! I am the same way…always doing “just one more thing” right up until the minute of the party. Sometimes I completely stress myself out trying to do too much! LOL I hope the template made making your banner a little bit easier and didn’t feel like just another project on your to do list. Happy belated birthday to your sweet little girl!

  • Shindigz sells a variety of custom vinyl banners cheap that you can customize to fit any type of event. Banners come in several sizes and shapes. If you have a simple message that you want to present, you may want to use the option that gives you two lines of text and space for a graphic design. The gives you three lines, your own graphic design, and the background of your choice. If you already know what your banner should look like, Shindigz can help you find a good match in any of our materials including Indoor Banners, Outdoor Banners, and Attach 'N Go Banners.

    Hi, Nancy! The circles that I used for the template are 4.2″ in diameter and the pt. size for the font that I used is 325. I hope that helps. Have fun making your banner!

  • Heavy Duty Banners are needed for environmental situations where size and durability play a major factor. For large sized banners intended to hang over a local street or along the welcome path at a nearby college campus, size, and the environmental conditions become a concern for the life of the banner. For these instances, we would suggest printing your banner on heavy duty 18 oz High-quality Semi-Gloss Vinyl. By using this thicker material, size and wind become less likely to damage the banner ensuring that the message is portrayed professionally for even extended periods of time in the outdoor elements. Mesh vinyl would also be the next level up for banners that will be displayed in heavy winds. This vinyl has a mesh perforated quality that allows wind to easily pass through the surface area of the banner.

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These handy go-to banners comes with a carrying case, a stand and support clamps to keep your banner steady and professional wherever you go. With retractable banners you are guaranteed an easy and portable self-advertisement, the same investment that you can gain with a regular banner without all the hassle of assembly.