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"... cant say too much but zantex 3 is da best "

Her suit also names Zantrex makers Basic Research and Zoller Laboratories as defendants.

Neither Brady nor a rep for Zantrex returned a call for comment.

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  • i thought i’d put my experience with Zantrex so far up hre! i’m 18. so its okay for me to take this medication. after the first 10 hours (starting from lunchtime day 1 to breakfast day 2) i lost 2 pounds. for real. but i am really exceptional at losing weight. but no worries- although the Zantrex supressed my hunger, i was able to then eat healthy fruits and vegetables..because when you are truly hungry, you’ll eat real food and feel fine. the next two days i continued eaing fruits and vegetables, almonds and some lean meat. the third day for lunch i really started having cravings. mainly because i think i forgot my lunch dose. and that day was basically horrible, because after i gave in and had like two taco bell tacos, (350 calories of CRAP!!!) i didn’t drink much water and i became just barely dehydrated. i love Zantrex 3- because if taken properly as directed…..on the bottle….you really will show results and be satisfied. even if it’s just with supressing your hunger! goodluck everyone!

    Hello Zantrex 3. I have been using your product for sometime now and am glad to say that I have lost over 100 pounds!!! I can send pictures if you would like..

  • Today is the first tome i took zantex3 and i hated it i followed the directions and after 30 min i had severe nausa. Im still sick 12 hours later.

    I started off with the blue bottle, took 4-5 a day and dropped 20 pounds in a month and a half. now i’m taking the red bottle. 3-4 a day, to tone up and burn fat. this will be my last month on these pills. i have had no side effects other than weight loss and feeling happy. i love caffeine. i still drink green tea. i even posted pictures on the zantrex3 facebook page to show my success. good luck, and build up a tolerence before taking the full dose. 🙂

    Zantrex-3 Red (56caps) with 7-DFBX Fat burner/Detox Com... Zantrex-3 Red (56caps) with 7-DFBX Fat burner/Detox Com...

  • For increased energy, mood elevation, heightened stamina and improved focus, adults mix entire contents of 1 packet in 16 fl oz of water and drink or sip as desired.  For powerful appetite control, weight loss, and body fat reduction, adults mix entire contents of 1 packet in 16 fl oz of water and drink the entire serving 15 minutes before main meals.  Do not exceed 3 packets per day.  Use in conjunction with any sensible diet and exercise program.  Individual results will vary.

    Note for customers of other Zantrex products:  Zantrex formulations work in different ways.  For maximum effectiveness, take Zantrex SkinnyStix every day as directed. 

    Store at controlled room temperature: 15°-30°C/59°-86°F.

    Yesterday was my 1st day taking the zantrex-3 weight loss pill. I’m 19 had a daughter 4 months ago. I’m 165 pounds and before I had my daughter I was 140 pounds. i will keep you updated on how my story goes. Day 1 of the pill I got a little stomach pain and was a little gassy.

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Interestingly enough, Zantrex 3 also contains maca root, ginseng, and damiana; herbals that are best known for their ability to work as aphrodisiacs.