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  • The Zooble Rest Nest (Carry Case) is the will need to have playset of the three. When closed up it stores the little Zoobles Gift Pack of their ball form in pockets inside. When open, it turns into a playset. On the top of the remainder nest there are hotspots that make the Zooble spring to life.

    Each Zooble needs a home & the oldsters at Spin Grasp have created three playsets on your youngster to play with. Each has hotspots that make the Zoobles Gift Pack pop open and come to life.

  • Zoobles Gift Pack will not be simply your common little plastic mould toy that pops open, nope. In addition they have a whole world on-line that your little one can interact with. From keeping monitor of their collection to enjoying games. The web component allows a new stage of interaction with the Zooble environment.

    Because it stands proper now, there are sixty three Zoobles Gift Pack available for purchase. You can't purchase each of the Zoobles Games individually - solely about 37 of them are bought in a single pack. The remainder will be bought by buying Zooble playsets, Zooble carrying instances, or within the double and triple packs of Zoobles Games with the Zooble Happitats.

    Zoobles Petagonia Gift Pack
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  • Zoobles, among Spin Master's latest creations, are adorable, collectable little creatures that spring to life and transform from compact sleeping spheres into mischievous, quirky creatures with unique personalities. The Zoobles Gift Pack features five uniquely coloured Zoobles from the lands of Azoozia, Petagonia, and Seagonia, and three fantastic Happitat dwellings. They're adorable yet surprisingly mischievous: you never know when they'll pop open! Intended for children four years of age and older, Zoobles have small attached parts that present a choking hazard for small children. Zoobles Gift PackAges: 4 years and upWhat We ThinkFun factor: Durability: Ease of assembly: Novelty factor: The Good: Small, colourful creatures can be taken anywhereThe Challenging: The size of the vinyl bag is disproportionately large compared to it contentsIn a Nutshell: Wildly colourful creatures that transform from rolling spheres to adorable characters Gift Pack includes five quirky, cheerful Zoobles for fun, imaginative play. Cute, Mischievous Toy Springs to "Life" Five of the small yet quirky creatures that hail from the far away island of Zooble come in this deluxe gift pack complete with three Happitats and a cheerfully decorated vinyl bag with handle. Characters in this set include Wensley, Zizi, Panzi, Daniella, and Dell. Each Zooble character is made of brightly coloured plastic covered with unique decorative detailing. Any Zooble creature can be put to "sleep" by snapping it into a tightly bound sphere. Once in this form, the Zooble can either be placed inside of a Happitat, or it can be placed on top of a Happitat, on a concealed magnetic disc, to prompt it to "wake up" and spring open. The open Zooble will blink when patted lightly on its head. Zooble Web Site Adds More Fun The colourful Zooble creatures included in this gift pack are individually decorated to represent the animated Zooble characters that can be found on the Zooble Web site. This Web site features background information on each Zooble character, an interactive map of the three geographic areas of the Isle of Zooble, interactive games, and a place where information on each Zooble creature can be found, including collectability, rarity, and year of release. The Zooble Web site helps to enhance the delightfully small Zooble creatures and make play more fun and imaginative. The petite size of these mischievous creatures makes them the perfect companion on long car rides. What's in the Box Five Zoobles creatures, two double Happitats, one single Happitat, a vinyl carrying bag with handle.

Spin Master Zoobles Petagonia Gift Pack

If you feel you should gift something to your kids that makes them happy, in the purest sense of the word, and does not go too deep in your pocket here is the best option the Zoobles Gift Pack Version 2. It is cheap yet fantastic and will keep the kids glad and amused. It is great joy to have one of these and an even greater joy to gift for it will stop your kids from complaining. But don't take too long to decide. This toy is being swept from the toy shelves at the rate of knots and if you don't make it in time your kid will sure be sore at you. Zoobles games are the newest of the hot toys that will be on every little kids Christmas list this year.