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  • Incidentally, someone else asked if photographers would get anything if Zuma prevailed. The example agreement between Zuma and photographer attached to the complaint says Zuma and photographer split any recovery related to unauthorized use of photographers images in the same percentage they do licensing/sales of such images, after deducting costs and attorney fees.

    Well, I think its a little late for the Zuma photographers as they already found themselves working for Corbis after Zuma sub-licensed their work to them in the early 2000. I was interested in the photographer to Zuma agreements because I wanted to see what clauses there were for lawsuits and recoveries.

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    But its Zuma who seems to be upset that Corbis was acquired by someone else who in turn sub-licensed Zuma photographer's photos to Getty. As Corbis and VCG are private companies – it will be hard for us to know what method was used to acquire the assets of Corbis.

  • "Soft Focus" is a short film about a disgruntled wedding photographer. Most of the film takes place at Zuma Photo in Salt Lake City. Thank you Mitch for allowing us to use such a wonderful spot!

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