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Zune 80 GB Digital Media Player (Black)

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  • The answer to how to turn on the Zune 80GB display is as simple as unlocking the device and waking it up. If this is your first use, make sure you’ve already charged the battery, or it won’t turn on.

    The Zune 80GB device looks like a fun device to mess around with, but it’s not much good if you can’t turn it on. Here you’ll learn how to turn on the Zune 80GB display and how to troubleshoot the device if it won’t turn on after your first try.

  • In most cases, one of these solutions should work to help you determine how to turn on the Zune 80GB display. Unless the whole device is malfunctioning, you shouldn’t actually have to wipe the Zune clean, firmware and all, and start off with a fresh slate.

    With the excitement surround the release of Microsoft's Zune 80GB media player, the company is making a red player available available just in time for Valentine's Day.

  • The Zune 80GB media player is a capable alternative to the iPod Classic. It has several advantages, including wireless syncing and wireless product purchase as well as a nifty scroll pad that works like a charm. However the software provided for the Zune seems a little buggy, particularly when it comes to naming and sorting the songs according to artists. If just one of the songs on an album has a featured artist with the main artist, it automatically classifies it as various artists. This is totally inaccurate. Another major shortcoming is the inability to edit entries of any kind within the software itself. All editing must be done in the original programs or players from which the song info was taken (i.e. WMP, iTunes), which is particularly irritating when the Zune software itself makes inaccurate changes. On the plus side, contrary to Apple fanboy info/statements, the Zune and its software allow the Zune to be used as a hard drive to transfer media from one computer to another as long as the Zune software is installed on those computers; pretty convenient for multiple-computer owners with scattered media libraries, don't you think? All things considered, the Zune device is a winner, but the software needs serious retooling.

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