can`t wait to get a zune touch.

Zune TouchProbably the biggest thing going in the interview is this statement:

Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player (Black)

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  • Im soooooo impatient, want zune touch. Unless tht touch is really bad, im really ecxited. I Want to be ablt to get games though like the apple, I just want it to be better. Thats it.

    So when does it come out, and what features does it have? I own a second generation ipod touch, and apple’s starting to piss me off (i.e. trying to get me to pay $10 for a firmware upgrade, when iphone owners get it free). I’m going to sell my itouch and either get this or the new psp that comes out this fall. I’d like the zune touchscreen to have an internet browser, play videos, music (obviously lol), and have games on it, like the ipod i own now does.

  • If Windows Phone 7 sells, the Zune Touch will probably be arriving holiday 2011. Money talks! MS has its hands full with phone launch. Microsofts next priority is tablets. The Zune Touch can wait till next year.

    Whoa! hold the phone i dont get it where did you get those photos did you make them because i own 3 zunes, 4, 8 and 120gb. together you could mix an iphone with that picture its really cool and i hope microsoft does come out with a zune touch and i hope it looks and is way better than an ipod anything.

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  • microsoft always tries to be better than applebut apple beat the zune touch with there ipod touch with all those kool apps and stuffunless zune comes out with a camera and other kool stuff on there device

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wow a zune touch huh sounds great but it copies Apple by far lol. how about something Apple doesnt have now that would be even better. well it sounds like a great idea and all and would make zune a little better considerning the zune 30 isnt really muck. i own one and there ok i wish i would have gotten a zune 80 for the touch pad cus clicking buttons sucks lol but its all good. hope this works out. also when is this ganna happen??? keep us zune holders updated. also the zune 30 originals need more stuff not much you can do with them ya know lol thx peace.